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Seabird and I

Composizione per coro femminile
Leo Hurley, Feniarco, San Vito al Tagliamento, 2014, 17 p.

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Organico: coro femminile a 3 voci (SSA) e pianoforte


Ocean at night,
a lone seabird takes flight.
Its wings gracing the starry sky,
adrift in the moonlight.
Feet in the sand
grow tired of this land.
Tonight, they will rise up to you,
and from this world ascend.
Teach me to fly
over the waters.
I long to glide
on the racing winds.
Then I will cry,
“I’m free as a bird!”
To be free as a bird…
Waves on the shore,
what am I waiting for?
Seabird, come take my hand,
and into the heavens we’ll soar!
Seabird and I
clearing the waters!
An aerial ride
to the highest heights!
Then I will cry,
“I’m free as any bird!”
Sunrise, sunrise.
Time to say our goodbyes.
Down on the beach,
the clouds float out of reach.
My eyes fall to the sea.
I think I’ll give the depths a try.
I’ll learn to swim as I learned to fly.

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