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Festival di Primavera 2024

International Festival for school, children's and youth choirs
under the label of European Choral Association
in collaboration with Associazione Cori della Toscana

11-13 April 2024 | Primary, junior high school and children's choirs | 10 ateliers
17-20 April 2024 | High school and youth choirs | 7 ateliers

Theme 2024: SOUND SPACES

There is already a great energy in the air for the next edition of this great festival of youth choral music that in April 2023 started again with almost 2000 participants!

Considered to be the most important European school choir event, the festival, organised by Feniarco in cooperation with the Tuscany Choral Association and under the label of the European Choral Association, will have the theme 'sound spaces'. Each atelier will take place in an imaginary space (a natural environment, a human context, a fantastic place, an interior dimension...) that our singing, allied with creativity and imagination, will evoke on stage. The stage is of all places the most magical and powerful: it transports us wherever our minds and hearts have the courage to travel and wings to fly.

Also in 2024 training, sharing experiences and discovery of the territory will be the main goals of the festival. The days will go through study ateliers, concerts, sightseeing, friendships with other choirs and participants from all over Italy and abroad, moments of relaxation and lots of fun! 

Renowned Italian and foreign lecturers will direct the 17 study ateliers, ensuring an high quality of the proposal addressed to the young participants and their conductors. The colourful musical experiences that the festival will offer its participants will cross a variety of genres, styles, epochs and countries of the world, leading to exciting performances that will involve singers and audience in a choral narrative. Choirs that can and would like to prepare their repertoire before the festival are invited to indicate this availability by 30 November by sending an e-mail to, specifying the number of singers divided into the different voices and the ateliers they prefer. The aim is to devote some ateliers to more demanding repertoire, which can be tackled thanks to prior study of the parts.

Also planned for 2024 is Coro Lab (10-13 April): a training course for conductors, teachers and musicians with lectures in which they can expand their knowledge and a study tour to follow the workshops closely.

Montecatini Terme has been the cradle of this event for many years now. A city with a strong tourist vocation, strategically located halfway between the picturesque Lucca and the splendid Florence and close to the Viareggio coastline. An important city of spas, culture, sports and tourist attractions.

Conductors, teachers and singers are all invited to the Festival di Primavera 2024.

Feniarco, Act, Carlo Pavese, artistic director of the event, and collaborators look forward to meeting you to experience together our choral spring! 

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