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Young people aged 14-19 ATELIERS

Six studio studios will be activated for the young people of this age group, each of which will focus on a specific theme. They're:

Canta America Latina
lecturer: Virginia Bono (Argentina)

A musical journey to Latin America. Songs from the mountains, the sea, the ancient native civilizations. Nostalgic songs, happy songs, colorful songs, songs to dance to and songs to feel your soul connecting with Mother Earth.

Speed up <--> Slow down
lecturer: Michael Gohl (Swiss)

With an unusual approach, Michael Gohl will let you meet the different heartbeats of music from Renaissance to modern classic: compositions between 1540 and 1998 with a varied palette of styles, melodies and characters.

Let’s sing around the world
lecturer: Josep Vila (Catalunya - Spain)

atelier for female singers
Travel to discover different worlds and their voices…there is a lot to explore! Special vocal techniques to approach traditions, rhythms and typical themes from the Balkans to Africa, from Nordic countries to America.    

Top of the Pops
lecturer: Ciro Caravano (Italy)

Today, in Italy, pop music is sung in choir thanks also to Ciro Caravano and his band. The pluriannual experience of the vocal ensemble “Neri per caso”, the quality of the singing arrangements and the passion for singing are the ingredients of this recipe.

Reinassance Flowers
lecturer: Matteo Valbusa (Italy)

From Gastoldi´s ballets to the musical games of Banchieri and Vecchi, from Marenzio´s songs to Azzaiolo´s villanelles Renaissance flourishes with beauty. Picking some of these flowers is not difficult, and the doors of Venice, Ferrara and Florence will open.

Between land and see
lecturer: Simone Faraoni (Italy)

Voices coming from hidden places, rich of history and culture. A travel among the coasts of Sardinia, Corsica and the south of France. Songs that seems to come from far away, that smell of the sea, songs burnt by the sea, wet by the Mediterranean and landed on coasts that speak different languages.

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