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Children aged 6-13 ATELIERS

Thirteen studio ateliers will be activated for the young people of this age group (7 initially planned and 6 added after the numerous enrollment requests) plus one addressed to the adults who will accompany them and who want to try their hand at choral singing. The ateliers, each of which will focus on a specific theme, are:

Canta America Latina
lecturer: Virginia Bono (Argentina)

primary school
A musical journey between the different countries of Latin America. From the Amazon to the Andes, from one ocean to another. Nostalgic, joyous, colorful songs to dance and feel one's soul directly connected to Mother Earth. 

Classical but... not too much!
lecturer: Maria Cortelletti (Italy) 

primary school
An immersive experience into the music of famous composers from different eras, with a specific attention to movements as interpretative help. 

Di principi, cavalieri e dame
lecturer: Stefania Piccardi (Italy) 

primary and junior high school
Musical path in the most fascinating and involving music of the Middle Ages. From Assisi to Montserrat, from the land of the Celts to Catholic Spain, the songs that have made the history of an era made up of knights, courts, sieges and processions. 

Elisa Tribute
lecturer: Denis Monte (Italy) 

junior high school
The energy of the italian pop music singer Elisa Toffoli arrives at the Spring Festival. An atelier entirely dedicated to one of the most eclectic Italian singer-songwriters. An exciting journey to sing his most beautiful songs in continuity with the projects that the same Elisa has always wanted with the choirs. 

Music zoo
lecturers: Lorenzo Donati (Italy) and Panda van Proosdij (The Netherlands) instead of Elisenda Carrasco (Catalunya-Spain) 

junior high school
Many animals have their own sounds, but some even sing. The fantastic animals of the tales sing, the birds sing, the roosters in the morning sing, but above all the children of this atelier will sing directed by the expert Elisenda.. 

Music from the world, for a listening world
lecturer: Anass Ismat (Morocco-France) 

junior high school
The contact with rhythms, languages and traditions of the peoples allow us to travel, learn, know and listen. With his didactic and life experience, Anass is a skillful guide in world of sounds and traditions. 

'O sole mio: Italian folk songs
lecturer: Giuseppe Lazzazzera (Italy) 

primary school
The great author's melodies linked to popular traditions and the rediscovery of South Italian dances is the focus of this atelier where you will sing with shining eyes and a southern energy!

Over the Rainbow
lecturer: Mateja Cernic (Italy)

junior high school
The freedom to hope for a world where a rainbow protects us from wars and allows us to realise our dreams. In the year of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, an atelier proposing songs of peace and brotherhood. 

Scores for the future
lecturer: Luigina Stevenin (Italy) 

primary and junior high school
In the last decade new repertoires for children and youth came from Giro Giro Canto (a line of songbooks for children edited by Feniarco). This atelier offers a selection of tracks from the new edition and from other recent compositions. 

Singing Poems
lecturer: Tullio Visioli (Italy) 

primary school
Poetry is already singing, it plays with rhythm, with pitch and timbre. It repeats a syllable, a word, stumbles, slips away. Poetry for childhood is learning while playing and singing. Let´s meet to play among the poets' verses. 

You make the music
lecturer: Maria Canton (Italy) 

junior high school
Song is a game. The song is also our body. Singing is movement. Play with the voice and fill the rhythm music, without the need for musical instruments. Develop the sense of rhythm and transform fantasy into music. Are you ready for a body percussion experience? 

Welcome to the opera
lecturer: José Maria Sciutto (Argentina-Italy) 

junior high school
From Bizet to Britten, from the little soldiers to the altar boys. Theater and Opera have inspired composers in writing melodies and works for children´ and youth´s voices. Sing, gestures, action…are you ready? 

Happy to sing
lecturer: Fabio De Angelis (Italy) 

adults atelier
Sharing the passion of your children, perceive their emotions and feelings. A special day for curious and attentive parents, willing to discover choral music, even if it is the first time!    

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