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Fabio Alberti (Italy)

He obtained his piano diploma at the institute "G. Donizetti "of Bergamo completing the composition studies and graduating in Educational Sciences. He graduated in choral music and choir conducting with L. Donati at the Conservatory of Trento and he attended several training courses and masters on music education, choir conduction and composition. Lecturer and instrumental function for the musical activities of the IC Muzio of Bergamo; he is conductor of the "Dire, Fare Musicare" association of music and school of Bergamo and director of the youth choir and white voices "Gli Harmonici" with whom he has obtained prestigious awards and personal recognitions. He is called to be part of listening commissions and juries of reviews, choral and composition competitions and as a lecturer in several ateliers also in the international area. He is a composer who prefers choral music, with particular attention to the children and youth choirs. Whit his compositions he has won international competitions and publication notices. Recently at the MIUR at the "Concorso indicibili incanti 2016" he was awarded in the presence of the Minister of Education as the winner for the composition of an educational piece. His compositions have been published by Feniarco, JSC (St. Petersburg), Sonitus, Centro Busoni and Act.

Basilio Astulez (Basque Country/Spain)

Born in 1975, he graduated in Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country and studied music in Vitoria-Gasteiz. He trained as a conductor in the choral federation Herria Euskal, attending courses and seminars with J. Duyick and J. Busto. Between 1996 and 2004 he directed among others the Alaitz Abesbatza choir in Vitoria-Gasteiz with which he won numerous national and international awards, including the National Grand Prix of choir singing in 2000. In 1999 he founded Vocalia Taldea, chamber group female who has won important international awards (Toulouse, Torrevieja, Maasmechelen, Arezzo, Tours, Cork). He teaches choral singing at the Conservatory of Leioa and founded the youth choir Leioa Kantika Korala in 2000 and the mixed choir SJB in 2007. The latter has over 200 young singers and has already won numerous awards in Spain and Europe (Toulouse, Torrevieja , Gorizia, National Grand Prix ...). With these choirs he has recorded 12 albums, has toured Europe, Asia and America and has worked with important soloists, orchestras, directors and groups. He received the special award for best director in 2008 at the 49th Seghizzi international competition in Gorizia and in 2009 at the 38th Florilège Vocal de Tours in France. In 2014 he was invited to perform with the Leioa Kantika Korala at the X World Symposium on Choral Music in Seoul. He currently teaches choral conducting for schools, universities and various choral federations in Spain and Europe and is often invited to take part in the jury of competitions and to hold choral singing courses and seminars all over the world.

Virginia Bono (Argentina) 

She graduated in choral direction and in music education in Santa Fe (Argentina) and in Fancoforte (Germany), she is director of Estudio Coral Meridies chamber choir, Youth Choir AsomArte, Coro Juvenil Femenino and Coro Infantil Jilgueritos of the Coral Institute of the city of Santa Fe . He won several prizes as director, among them: third place at the International Competition for Choir Conductors Mariele Ventre of Bologna (2003), award as Conductor of Honorary Merit at the popular music contest Mercosur Aamcant of La Plata, Argentina (2000). With the choirs he directs he has participated in national and international competitions winning numerous prizes and awards. She is often invited as a lecturer and choir director to hold choral conducting courses, master classes and workshops in Argentina, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Uruguay and Chile. She is often invited as a jury member of choral competitions and music and as a teacher of choral music in international festivals.

Maria Canton (Italy) 

She began her musical studies at the G. Rossini Academy of Music of Santa Giustina Bellunese and later at the Conservatories of Castelfranco Veneto and Venice, where she graduated with honors in piano under the guidance of M. Somenzi. She studied choral music with the masters G. Durighello and G. Mazzucato and choir conducting at the Conservatory of Trento with L. Donati. She attended courses in choral music at the Music School of Testaccio in Rome under the guidance of A. Scutiero, N. Conci, F. Barchi and P. Caraba. Soloist and piano accompanist in duo and trio, she has obtained numerous acclaim from critics and public as a pianist of Trio Piazzolla. She has directed numerous choral groups, currently conducting the women's choir, the small choir, the youth choir and the men's choir of the Francesco Sandi School of Music in Feltre. She collaborates with other choral groups including the Voci Bianche choir Roberto Goitre, the choir from the Camera Trentino, the choir Gioventù In Cantata di Marostica, the choir Giovani Voci Bassano and the Coro Giovanile Italiano. As a teacher, she has held a voice and music theory course in Feltre since 2014. She is part of the "Calendra" training, established in 2015, as a pianist, accordionist and singer, with whom he participated in the Folkest2015 Folk Music Festival. She is a piano teacher, musical training and choral exercises.

Ciro Caravano (Italy) 

Born in Salerno, he began playing piano at the age of four, thus discovering that he had the absolute pitch. From 1991 to today he collaborates as a music programmer, arranger and vocal coach alongside the m ° Claudio Mattone. In 1992 he founded the Neri per Caso, playing the role of singer, director, producer and arranger, winning numerous platinum records and international awards, as well as the Sanremo Festival in 1995 (New Proposals section) and the gold record as producer with The Grass of the Basix. He deals with record productions, realizations and arrangements for Italian and international artists such as C. Baglioni, G. Paoli, the Pooh, L. Bertè, O. Vanoni, DeeDee Bridgewater, R. Crawford and N. Furtado. From 2013 to 2015 he took care of the arrangements, record production and artistic direction of the Mario Biondi tour. He has collaborated with masters such as Ferrio and Vessicchio, conducting various orchestral orchestras (Umbrian Symphony Orchestra, Roma Sinfonietta, Dimi, Orchestra of the Naples Conservatory, ...). He makes soundtracks for Rai, Mediaset, De Laurentiis, Lunarossa, Disney, Giancarlo Giannini, and others. From 2006 to 2014 he conducted the Uniso Choir. In 2015 he founded the CoroPop of Salerno, composed of 80 elements. Since 2010 he has taught singing at the CSC in Cinecittà, which also teaches him in the LAB of Music for Film, directed by m ° Morricone. In April 2016, he directed 13,000 singers in Piazza Incantata (a MIUR / FENIARCO / RAI project). He makes several stages of choral pop music in Italy and Latin America.

Mateja Cernic (Slovenia) 

She graduated in Education at the University of Ljubljana in 2008, in Slovenian Language and Comparative Literature in 2013 and in Music Didactics in 2014 at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, where she studied choral conducting with M. Vatovec. She has participated in several seminars of choral conducting with, among them, R. Rassmussen, P. Schreier, G. Grün, Holten, G. Graden, N. Corti. In 2017 she was ranked third in the national competition for choir conductors Le mani in suono. She has collaborated with the Academic Choir Tone Tomšič in Ljubljana, the Arnold Schömberg Chor in Vienna and the chamber choir Utopia & Reality. Since 2007 she has been conducting the women's choir Bodeča Neža with which she has won several awards. For her choral and artistic activity she was awarded the Zlato zrno prize in Trieste in 2011, the Zlati znak in Ljubljana in 2013 and the Mirko Špacapan award in Gorizia in 2017. With the Mens Sonora choir in Ljubljana in 2013 she got the first prize in the category of female choirs and the award for the best director of the category at the international competition Bad Ischl. Since 2014 she has been conducting the mixed choir Goriški komorni zbor of Nova Gorica with which she won the first place at the Slovenian Regional Competition in Postojna in 2017. She regularly participates as a judge in international and national choral competitions and as a teacher of direction and vocality at various stages and training courses. In 2002, she was awarded the title of bishop of the job.

Marco Cordiano (Italy) 

Born in Turin, after completing his classical high school studies, he accomplished his musical studies in his city and in Alessandria, obtaining a diploma in piano, composition, orchestral conducting and music education. He also obtained a diploma in conducting at the Pescara Music Academy studying with D. Renzetti. He currently holds the chair of the theory of harmony and analysis at the G. Nicolini Conservatory of Piacenza. The primary state school R. D'Azeglio, where he has been teaching since 1997, won the first prize of the Compagnia di Sanpaolo of Turin for musical programming and in 2014 was invited to the Quirinale to perform with two classes during the opening ceremony of the school year in the presence of the President of the Republic broadcast live on the national RAI networks. He has composed three works of musical theater for children, staged repeatedly within the Micron review, as well as several choral and instrumental pieces for educational purposes. He published Curci "Facciamo musica", a collection of three books for the school. He is the author of two sections of Playlist, a textbook for Secondary Secondary, published by Lattes. He directs the Mikron choir of white voices and accompanies the juvenile Mikron choir directed by Paola De Faveri to the piano.

Elisenda Carrasco (Catalunya - Spain) 

Born in Barcelona, ​​Elisenda Carrasco completed her musical studies at the Barcelona Conservatory, graduating in Composition, Instrumentation and Conducting with J. Solé and S. Mas. She also obtained the highest qualification in Music Education, with specialization in choral singing. She has been conducting and teaching singing for over 25 years, deepening the technique of conducting choirs of white voices and even voices. The direction and teaching in youth choirs is one of the areas where he has most concentrated his studies and his knowledge and, for this specialty, he is regularly called as teacher of courses and laboratories all over the world. For seventeen years, she was artistic director of the Cor infantil de l'Orfeó Català and the Escola Coral of the Palau de la Música Catalana, which groups choristers between the ages of 6 and 25. Moreover, for fifteen years she has been artistic director of the Òpera a secundària project, which brings together the Gran Teatre del Liceu and the national youth orchestra of Catalonia. She regularly collaborates with the Barcelona Auditorium Educational Service in the direction and creation of concerts for children and is the artistic co-director of Cantània, a choral project involving more than 50,000 children each year. Director of Cor infantil Sant Cugat since its foundation in 1991 and the female choir Voxalba, paying particular attention to the development of a 21st century repertoire.

Maria Cortelletti

Maria Cortelletti (Italy) 

Graduated in piano at the V. Gianferrari Conservatory of Trento, she participated in numerous courses of direction and vocality with the masters: M. Piatti, M. Deflorian, S. Korn, M. Lanaro and M. Bolzoni, B. Gini, L. Golino, G. Graden, D. Tabbia, the speech therapists D. Tomasini and E. Rota, the vocalist C. Bertella and the foniatra F. Fussi. Since 1999 she has organized music courses aimed at children and young people. Since 2002 she has conducted the vocal choir Vogliam Cantare and since 2007 the vocal group of the same name. With both formations she has participated in numerous national competitions, often qualifying among the first places. She is part of the Artistic Technical Committee of the Trentino Cori Federation, focusing in particular on the choruses of white and youth voices. Precisely on behalf of the Federation, in 2017, she edited the publication A chorus in every school sing for the kindergarten, primary and secondary school. Last September, as an expert, she held a seminar on "the choir of white voices and the repertoire" for the Accademia Piergiorgio Righele. Author of songs for children, in collaboration with Giovanna De Feo, has published the book Cantascuola published by Junior Bergamo and Christmas without borders published by Paoline. She collaborated with the Scuola Materna magazine of the Scuola Brescia, with Didascalie, Coralità and La Cartellina. In addition, in October 2017, on the occasion of the fifteenth of the choir's activity, she presented a publication of pieces written by some Italian composers for the choir. She currently holds the chair of music at the secondary school of first degree F. A. Bonporti of Trento.

Fabio De Angelis (Italy) 

Lecturer of music, composer, arranger and choir director, he is graduated in Choral Music and Choral Direction and in Musical Didactics. He actively conducts ten choral ensembles of all kinds and types, from choirs of white voices to high school choirs, from youth choirs to adult choirs, within music schools and musical associations, mainly in the area of the Roman Castles, province From Rome. He attended courses with G. Graden, C. Høgset, D. Tabbia and M. Berrini, with whom he deepened the vocality, the direction of the choir and the choral teaching. He is regularly involved by the Regional Choir Associations as a speaker to hold courses related to choral arrangement, the pop genre, the update of the repertoire with pieces on commission. He has been a jury member in several national choral competitions. He is a member of the artistic commission of the ARCL (Regional Association of Choirs of Lazio).

Simone Faraoni (Italy) 

Graduated in piano and in choir direction at the high school of specialization in Arezzo, he studied music education, ethnomusicology, composition. It combines interest in current events and socio-political history with passion and musical commitment. His eclecticism has led him to practice different musical genres in new and stimulating environments (from the "light" song of the author to the numerous collaborations with actors and theater companies) working as a pianist, accordionist, composer-arranger and choir director . He actively directs several polyphonic choirs and Tuscan vocal groups, holds choral workshops in the high schools of Empoli and Pontedera and takes care of various courses for children and adults, collaborating with various associations dedicated to the promotion of musical education in close relationship with the territory. Committed to enhancing the social aspect of "doing chorus", he plays the role of the community musician taking care of the most inclusive choral projects aimed at adults, asylum seekers and the elderly, giving life to original projects such as the CoRe, a choir formed by the guests of a dozens of retirement homes, which has staged numerous theatrical performances between history and memory. He deals with the study and re-presentation of the Italian folk song of oral tradition, conducting research and concert activities with the Vincanto trio, curating choral elaborations, arrangements and transcriptions, organizing and holding meetings, courses and workshops on the Italian folk song.

Michael Gohl (Swiss) 

Choir and orchestra director and expert in music pedagogy. After earning a diploma in clarinet, he studied choral and orchestra conducting at the Musikhochschule Zürich with André Charlet and later with internationally renowned masters such as Helmuth Rilling and Antal Dorati. His ability to bring people of all ages closer to the riches and deeper values ​​of music led him to be regularly called as a guest and director of Open Singing at international festivals, as well as at several editions of the Europa Cantat festival, at the World Symposium on Choral Music, Les Choralies or the Zimriya of Jerusalem. Several symphony orchestras such as Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra, Münchner Rundfunkorchester and Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra have invited him to realize important projects to attract new audiences, especially young people. He directs the Jugendchor Zürich, considered one of the best youth choir in Switzerland. Michael Gohl is also director of the Zollikon music school, teaches at the Zürich University of Arts and is the author of numerous songbooks. In 2016 and 2017, for the international festival MiTo Settembre Musica, he directed Open Singing involving thousands of people.

Anass Ismat (Morocco - France)

Anass Ismat, of Moroccan origins, choir director engaged in the field of musical education. He graduated from the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Rabat, Morocco, where he gained important recognition as a violinist and in music pedagogy. After moving to France, at the Hector Berlioz Conservatory in Bourgoin-Jallieu, he continued his studies in violin, vocality (with Jan-Marc Bruin) and choral conducting (with Emmanuel Robin). Following the participation in vocals masterclasses conducted by Caroline Dumas, Glenn Chambers and Henrick Siffert, he joined the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Lyon, where he continued his vocational studies (with Bernard Tétu and Nicole Corti) and participated in the ERASMUS program with the Musikhochschule of Stuttgart, Germany. He graduated in June 2011 and was appointed professor at the Conservatoire Régional in Toulon Provence Méditerranée in October. He has been invited as guest conductor for the Saint-Céré Festival Academy and for the Willems International Choir. He was also artistic director of several choirs in the french region of the Rhône-Alpes. As a professional he sang with the Epsilon Renaissance Ensemble (directed by Maud Hamon Loissance), with Les Solistes di Lione (directed by Bernard Tétu), with the Ensemble Gilles Binchois (directed by Dominique Vellard) and with Le Chœur Britten (directed by Nicole Corti). In July 2015 he was appointed master of the Dijon Opera.

Giuseppe Lazzazzera (Italy) 

Graduated in Piano at the G. Martucci Conservatory of Salerno, where he also obtained a second level degree in musical disciplines (Pianoforte, chamber music), he then obtained the Diploma of the two-year course for choir directors of the LAES & Proteo association. He specialized in Didactics of Music at the G. Martucci Conservatory of Salerno and attended numerous choral training courses organized by the Acc. He began his career as a singer in 2000 with the youth choir Ad Libitum under the guidance of R. Scafuri and with the Chorus Estro Armonico directed by S. Noschese. He undertook the activity of choir conductor in two schools of Salerno, among which the F. De Sanctis classical high school with which he won the D. Cianciaruso Prize (for a piece of ancient music) at Il Cantagiovani 2012. In 2009 he attended the European Academy for Directors in Fano with F. Sjöberg. He sang with the Coro Accademia Feniarco conducted by A. Cadario with whom he participated in the Festival Europa Cantat XIX Torino 2012 and currently sings with the Estoro Armonico Choir of Salerno and with the Overjoyed Choir of Baronissi. He directed the Nausicaa Choir of Baronissi, with whom he obtained the 3rd prize at the S. Virgilio in Canto di Roma Competition (2013) and the 2nd Prize at the A.M.A. Calabria (2014), and the choir of the Baronissi Teaching Department, Baronissincoro, with whom he won the 1st Prize and the Special Prize F. Viscido in the white voice category at Il Cantagiovani 2014. He teaches piano, musical education and is involved in numerous projects of propaedeutic and musical sensitization for children and young people in the Salerno area.

Denis Monte (Italy) 

Born in 1971 he studied organ and composition at the G. Tartini Conservatory of Trieste. Graduated from the Willems School of Music Education in Udine, he specialized in children's vocabulary with M. Giorgi, N. Conci, M. Mora and other well-known musicians. He followed master classes and choral conducting courses with esteemed conductors such as L. Donati, A. Martinolli D'Arcy, F. Sjoberg, L. Guilloré. In May 2009 he was awarded as best director at the 5th National Competition for Malcesine white voices. He participated as a teacher at the Spring Festival 2010 and 2011, an event reserved for school choirs and organized by Feniarco. He collaborates with USCI Friuli Venezia Giulia and with other players in the Italian choral scene for training courses for choristers and choir directors in Friuli, Veneto, Tuscany, Lombardy, Campania and Lazio. He collaborated with Elisa, an italian pop singer, on the choral arrangements of the CD Ivy and was responsible for the choral section of the theatrical tour in Italy. With the same Elisa has performed on the occasion of twenty years of artistic activity at the Arena di Verona. He directs the choir of white voices and the small choir Artemìa di Torviscosa (Ud) with whom he carries out an intense artistic activity in Italy and abroad. He is a member of the artistic commission of the Unione Corali Friulane of the province of Udine.

Stefania Piccardi (Italy) 

Choir director, she has always studied, researched and realized projects for the diffusion of musical education, believing it indispensable in the training of each child. Singer as a child, she joined the study of singing to that of the piano. She obtained the first and the second level in Vocalità infantile and choral training, a course sponsored by SIEM and recognized by MIUR, directed by B. Liguori Valenti at the C.A.M. Aureliano of Rome. She has participated in many courses, seminars and workshops on topics on topics of in-depth study concerning vocality, choral and direction. Work with primary and high school classes. Collaborates with institutions, associations and musicians who dedicate their activities to children and youth choirs. Right here at the Spring Festival of the ateliers, "Musica in movimento" in 2012 and "Benjamin Britten: Friday afternoons" in 2013, at the Spring Festival, national choral event organized by Feniarco, reserved for primary and high schools. She is a member of listening commissions and juries in exhibitions, festivals and national competitions. She founded and directs the Aurora Choir, with whom she performs an intense artistic activity. She has been awarded the "Premio Insula Romana" for the "brilliant artistic-musical personality achieved by the childre and youth choir "Aurora".

José María Sciutto (Argentina - Italy) 

Choir and orchestra conductor has a large concert activity in symphonic-choral productions and contemporary Latin-American music and as a teacher in university master classes for the formation of choir and orchestra conductors. He is the author of a method of choral infant pedagogy that enjoys a wide application in Latin America and in Italy. He has conducted many orchestras in Italy, Argentina and Romania. He has also conducted the Costa Rica Symphony Orchestra, Costa Rica's Juvenil, the Conservatory Orchestra of the Dominican Republic and the Juvenil Orchestra of La Florida State University. Since 1992 he has been teaching professor at the L. D'Annunzio Conservatory of Pescara. He is Artistic Director of the Music for Peace program of the O.N.U. consultant for the Latin American Institute of Rome and for the Florida State University Center for Music of the Americas; he is a member of the American Conductors Association and the FullBright Program. He has been a member of juries in international soloist and choir competitions. From 2001 to 2005 he was director of the Lyrical Choir and collaborator in the Artistic Direction of the Ventidio Basso Opera House in Ascoli Piceno. From 2005 to 2010 he was the conductor of the Choir of White Voices of Rome and conductor of the Choral Laboratory of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome. He is currently Director of the Choral Singing School and conductor of the Voices Chorus of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma.

Luigina Stevenin (Italy) 

Graduated in clarinet, she specialized in choral conducting with the masters Berrini, Donati, Visioli, Abba, Conci, Lanaro, Korn, Mora. She followed vocal courses with Maestro Farinella. In 2007 she obtained a certificate of specialization as conductor of Chorus, European level 3. Since 1992 she has taught choral exercises at the Istituto Musicale Pareggiato of Valle d'Aosta. He carries out an intense activity in the choral field as an expert in teaching and childish vocabulary: creator and curator of the MusiCantando project that for many years has played in primary schools in the Region. Within the A.R.Co.V.A. (Regional Association choirs Valle d'Aosta) is promoter and curator of many initiatives in favor of the chorus (The school sings, ... waiting The school sings, Competition composition Alearda Parisi Pettena) and holds the position of Vice-President. Since 2007 she has directed the CantoLeggero choir: youth choir of the Maria Ida Viglino Foundation for Music Culture, formed by about forty boys and girls with whom she performs many concerts and which boasts collaborations with prestigious artists (Ray Lema, Elisa, Bil Aka Kora). In May 2017 the choir won the first prize at the National Choral Competition Gaffurio of Lodi in the youth choirs section - Gold Merit Category. In the same competition she received a prize for the performance of the Dirait-on by Morten Lauridsen (third best score). Head of the white voices workshop choir conducted by Eva Ugalde for the European Seminar for Young Composers organized by Feniarco in 2016.

Matteo Valbusa (Italy) 

After high school classic studies, he graduated in Cultural Heritage Sciences, in Choir Conducting with Pierpaolo Scattolin and Lorenzo Donati and in Orchestral Conducting with Giancarlo Andretta. He specialized at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and in the courses of the Accademia Chigiana di Siena. He studied the sundry musical styles with Giovanni Acciai, Marco Berrini, Nicole Corti, Lucio Golino, Stojan Kurt, Mario Lanaro, Stefan Parkman, Ragnar Rasmussen, Armando Tasso and Jan Yngwe. He has conducted the Orchestra of Padua and Veneto and other important Venetian orchestras. He conducts Insieme Corale Ecclesia Nova and the Male Choir La Stele in a repertoire ranging from ancient polyphony to contemporary music: with them he has won prizes in national and international choral competitions. In 2011 he won the Third prize at the International Competition for Budapest choir directors. In 2009 the award for the best performance of Renaissance music at the International Competition for choir conductors of Ljubljana. He is part of the Artistic Commission of ASAC Veneto, and he is a lecturer coordinator of the Choral Conduction Academy Piergiorgio Righele. He is often invited to hold master classes and conferences and to take part in juries in important choir competitions. He is artistic director of the International Festival VOCE! of Bosco Chiesanuova (Verona).

Josep Vila (Catalunya - Spain) 

He studied choral conducting with Enric Ribó, Conxita Garcia and Christian Grube. He is the artistic director of the Societat Coral Amics de la Unió, a prestigious institute of Granollers (Catalonia) with more than six hundred students and ten active choirs. He directed the Cor Infantil Amics de la Unió - considered one of the best choirs of European white voices - and the mixed choir Cor de Cambra de Granollers. With these two choirs he performs regularly in the seasons of the Teatre Auditori de Granollers, Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona Auditorium and the Gran Teatre del Liceu Opera House collaborating with renowned conductors such as Robert King, Manel Valdivieso, Alvaro Albiach, Jordi Savall, Pablo Gonzalez and Rubén Gimeno. With the same choirs he performs regularly in several European countries. With Cor Infantil Amics de la Unió he has won numerous prizes in international competitions such as: finalist at the XXVIII Grand Prix in Varna in Bulgaria (2016); prize at the 47th Toulouse Choral Contest (2015); Silver Rose Bowl for the best chorus of the year at Let the Peoples Sing! competition of the European Broadcasting Union receives the (2013); prize for best Spanish chorus and audience prize at 59th International Habaneras (2013). He is regularly invited as director of choral workshops and festivals, among the last ones the Festival Europa Cantat 2015 in Pécs in Hungary.

Tullio Visioli (Italy) 

Composer, choir director, sweet flutist and singer, he was born in Cremona. He is Professor of Musicology and Music Education in Rome, at the Lumsa University, of Pedagogy of Childhood Vocations at the Master of Higher Education in Artistic Vocology in Ravenna and the Master in Pedagogy of the expression of Rome 3. He directs the Children's Choir and teaches flute in Rome, at the Popular School of Music of Testaccio. He conceived in 2006 and directs the integrated choir Voc'incòro for the ASL of Centocelle (Rome) and, since 2014, together with a team of specialists, he has activated the Mani Bianche Roma choir, inspired by the Venezuelan experiences (Sistema Abreu) of integration between deaf and hard of hearing. Active in the writing of new musical repertoires for children and teenagers, he has published compositions for children choirs, youth choirs and recorder, condensing his pedagogical vision in the books VariAzioni, elements for music teaching (Anicia 2004) and Il Sound box (Multidea 2011). Trainer and speaker at conferences and study days on musical pedagogy, choral music, musical composition and phoniatrics, in 2013 he obtained, at the University of Bologna, the Masters in Artistic Vocology, with a thesis on the prevention of childhood dysphonies choral singing, obtaining the 2012-2013 Artistic Vocology Award. He is currently writing a study text on choral singing and children's voices.

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