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High school and youth choirs ateliers

5 ateliers are programmed for high school and youth choirs
►To apply please send an email to

B1 | Viking rhythm
lecturer: Kjetil Aamann (Norway)

Kjetil comes from Norway to take us on a journey through space and time, across continents, cultures, epochs, different genres, dancing to the beat of the heart, singing to the pulse that is none other than the rhythm of life.   

female or mixed choir | language: English

B2 | The armed man: a Mass for peace
lecturer: Davide Benetti

Our lives are surrounded by wars: small, big, worldwide and personal. Karl Jenkins catapults the famous medieval chanson L'Homme Armé into the contemporary, showing how from the 14th century to the present day little has changed, but the song has succeeded in becoming the guide to a peace-oriented path.  

mixed choir | language: Italian

B3 | Conquest of Paradise
lecturer: Serena Marino

An adventure that begins in the late 15th century Spain of Isabella the Catholic, the austere epicentre of the Inquisition. But Christopher Columbus convinces: the earth is round. His daring voyage to the Indies will actually reveal an unimagined paradise on earth.

mixed choir | language: Italian 

B4 | Migrant music
lecturer: Elide Melchioni

The great African American repertoire comes back to the festival for a musical experience that combines energy, social themes, movement, rhythm and faith. The gospel sings to the soul and sings for the souls, it creates community and group. Share this vital energy: dive into the whirlwind of the black music.

female choir | language: Italian

B5 | Seize the rose
lecturer: Luca Scaccabarozzi

Seize the rose when it is time! Through the symbol of the Rose we travel through the centuries chasing a love story, from desire to disappointment, to fulfilment in a timeless tale of passion.

mixed choir | language: Italian


Ateliers: How to practice?

During the festival the choir participates in only one atelier, unless objective needs are agreed upon with the organisation. When registering, each group has the option of specifying multiple atelier choices. The options are only indicative; the final division into the ateliers is determined by the artistic coordinator, Carlo Pavese, jointly with the festival organisation on the basis of various factors such as: staffing, size of the group, curricula, previous participation in the festival, other characteristics.
The ateliers are held in Italian or English as specified in the section dedicated to the description of the ateliers. In Montecatini Terme, each participant receives the educational file related to his or her atelier, which he or she should keep carefully for study during the festival.

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