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In 2012 Feniarco stipulated a memorandum of understanding with the Italian Federation of Pueri Cantores and the Südtiroler Chorverband with the aim of activating a relationship of mutual collaboration to pursue common goals aimed at promoting the choral activity in all its expressions and enhancing the national choral heritage.

In this regardFeniarco and the partners undertake to designate each one a representative who represents them, without the right to vote, to the respective Assemblies.

It is hoped that the collaboration started may bring positive results and mutual satisfaction, with a view to the growth and development of choral music in all its forms of expression, also intended as an important opportunity for the dissemination of musical culture and social promotion.

Pueri Cantores
(about 70 member choirs)

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The Italian Federation of Pueri Cantores is the union of all local associations of Pueri Cantores Italiani, established under the canon 298 C.I.C., which freely accept the statute. The Italian Federation joins the International Federation of Pueri Cantores.

The Italian Federation of Pueri Cantores proposes:
a) to keep relations with the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy constantly alive and efficient, following their directives, in order to make the Federation's participation in the exercise of the Church's Apostolate ever more secure and concrete;
b) to coordinate, stimulate and support the activities of the Italian Associations of Pueri Cantores, in close collaboration with the other Associations of the faithful who propose the same goals;
c) to promote the spiritual, cultural and artistic formation of the Pueri Cantores through sacred and liturgical music;
d) to give its readiness to participate in the Commissions, national and diocesan, competent in matters of Liturgy and Sacred Music (Sacrosanctum Concilium, nos. 44 and 45)

Südtiroler Chorverband
(about 400 member choirs)

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The Südtiroler Chorverband is the organization of choirs in the German language of South Tyrol.

Established in 1949, it currently has over 400 choirs divided into 5 districts. The association aims to promote all forms of singing, on a large scale, in the choir, in the family, at school and in any social sphere. In addition to enhancing the traditions, it is also proposed to promote the dissemination of contemporary choral literature. Dedicated to music education, he is working hard on the qualitative growth of the choirs with very diversified training programs.

It organizes choral competitions and festivals and maintains international relations, particularly with neighboring and culturally "neighboring" states such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The headquarters of the federation is in Bolzano in Piazza Domenicani.

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