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Choraliter magazine editorial board

The editorial board of the Choraliter magazine is composed of six members elected by the assembly and has the task of creating the important information tool of the Association, Choraliter.

The magazine comes out three times a year (April, August and December), proposing a qualified content to the Italian choral world, an in-depth dossier on each issue, the spaces reserved for composers, the information and news from regional associations.

It is sent, on a quarterly basis, to all those who have written the subscription and to the institutional offices of the Federation and the Regional Choral Associations. All the important choral-musical associations, cultural institutions, conservatories, music institutes, publishing houses, institutional bodies also receive it.

The total circulation is about 4,000 copies per issue.

The December issue always comes with a CD included.

The editorial board

Editorial director

Rossana Paliaga -

Anna Bisogno -
Marco Della Sciucca -
Walter Marzilli -
Veronica Pederzolli -
Mauro Zuccante -

Editorial manager
Pier Filippo Rendina -

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