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Our board

The board is composed of the Chairman and the two deputy chairmans. The board implements the directives and initiatives established by the Assembly, takes care of the ordinary administration of the Federation and provides for the liquidation of related expenses, within the maximum limit established annually by the Assembly. The board can avail of the collaboration of a manager.

The current board is in office for three years and was renewed in March 2017 with a deadline of March 2020.

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Ettore Galvani
Via delle Lame, 4/7
10060 None (TO)
Tel. 328 6986522 - 011 9905996
Email -

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Luigi Gnocchini
Via Vasco De Gama, 134
62012 Civitanova Marche (MC)
Tel. 392 6280852 - 0733 814945

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Stretto I Coccomelli, 55
98051 Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME)
Tel. 3398008331
Email -

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