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It is a series that turns its attention to the contemporary choral repertoire and that responds to different needs emerged during the years of meetings and studies:

- for composers, be able to make known their work and that this becomes part of the repertoire of Italian choirs; too often it happens that the winners of important international competitions have not had the opportunity to see their works included in the repertoire of the choirs themselves;

- for the choirs and their conductors, to have available new songs, of medium difficulty, which offer the possibility to follow an itinerary of approach to the music of our time and its new proposals of language and expression;

- for the public, to listen to a new diversified repertoire in stylistic and gender proposals;

- for publishers, to finally distribute a volume that is not the further revision of ancient music or the reprint of some anthology containing pieces of the most varied extraction.

So far, 3 volumes have been published:

Melos 1 | 2001 | 22 compositions
Melos 2 | 2002 | 26 compostitions
Melos 3 | 2012 | 27 compostitions

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