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Voci & Tradizione

The song of oral tradition is a treasure for Italian culture: the different regions, understood in an anthropological-cultural as well as geographical-administrative sense, possess an inestimable heritage, characterized by its linguistic, formal and musical peculiarities. 

Feniarco wanted to voice the deep roots of the oral culture, to those roots that draw nourishment from their land, from their territory. 

Voci & Tradizione was born, a series dedicated to the choral repertoire of oral tradition of the Italian regions, with a twofold aim: on one hand to stimulate the research and the study of the sources of traditional singing proposals, on the other hand to stimulate young composers to take care of this important thematic "corpus", fundamental in all European musical expressions. 

Each volume will therefore collect pieces suitable for different choral formations, accompanied by accurate ethnomusicological cards that illustrate the sources and characteristics of the original outcomes.

So far, 3 volumes have been published:

Voci & Tradizione Toscana | 2008 | 27 compositions
Voci & Tradizione Friuli Venezia Giulia | 2009 | 34 compositions
Voci & Tradizione Piemonte | 2012 | 28 compositions

To Feniarco music commission, to the curators and to all those who in various capacities have collaborated in the realization of these first three volumes, a heartfelt thank you.

To all the choirs the hope that this collection can offer new and interesting motivation for their business and their artistic growth

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