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The teaching of choral conducting 

Feniarco has always been very attentive to the promotion of the formation of choir conductors through the realization of courses and study seminars, among which we can especially mention the European Academy for choir conductors in Fano and the training course Coro Lab

With this series of volumes we intend to provide, therefore, a further practical aid to choir conductors, precisely in the awareness of how important their training is in the context of such a complex discipline. In fact, there is the conviction that the qualitative growth of our chorality must be based mainly on the broad and in-depth preparation of those who, of the choirs, primarily represent the guide and the reference: the conductors.

So far, 2 volumes have been published:

Fosco Corti, rev. a cura di Dario Tabbia | Il respiro è già canto | 2006
Pier Paolo Scattolin | Elementi di base nella tecnica della direzione | 2012

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