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There are three composition workshops proposed:

Workshop on original composition for choirs
lecturer: Ēriks Ešenvalds (Latvia)

The marriage of text and music: effective compositional techniques. This workshop will provide many additional and effective techniques in choral composition, no matter one's current expertise. The lecturer will present many concrete examples relating them to the several composition styles. Particular attention will be paid to the involvement of the composers increasing their creativity and productivity.

Workshop on arranging pop for choirs [not activated]
lecturer: Lorenzo Fattambrini (Italy)

In this workshop the participants will study the possible techniques to write a pop-rock-jazz arrangement for choir. The main contents will be harmony, rhythm, counterpoint and form in its many styles. Particular attention will be given to what is appropriate or not to do with the choirs, also regarding their different preparation levels without forgetting the important aspects of promotion through the new web channels. Accompanied by the teacher's experience, the various stages related to the birth and development of an arrangement will be analyze d.

Workshop on composing for children’s, youth and female choirs 
lecturer: Ivo Antognini (Switzerland)

In this workshop the participants will move into the exciting world of music for children's and youth choirs, as well as female formations. They will discover how to choose a text, check rhythmic, melodic and harmonic possibilities, the use of the piano as an accompanying instrument, and the voices differences in these age groups. Moreover the teacher will give tips on making a work interesting without adding difficulty, on the body as a tool and on the interaction between score and staging.   

Workshop on experimentation-performing
lecturers: Luca Scaccabarozzi (Italy) | mixed choir 
Luigina Stevenin (Italy) | children's, youth and female choir

The participants, accordingly to their workshops, will be involved in this additional workshop where they can experiment. It will be divided in two groups working respectively with the Arcova Vocal Ensemble (mixed choir) and with the Canto Leggero Choir (children’s choir). In this workshop the two choirs-in-residence will study and perform the pieces composed by the participants of the three workshops on composition. The main goal will be to reflect all together on the fine passage from score to performance, exploring technical questions, alternative solutions and possible modifications to the scores following the effective sound production.

The presence of two pilot choirs for the entire week is a plus of this training proposal and a rare opportunity for an immediate interaction between composer, conductor and choir.

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