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European seminar for choral composers - 12th edition

The European seminar is a professional masterclass on choir composition and arrangement. It is organised by Feniarco in partnership with European Choral Association - Europa Cantat and in collaboration with Arcova (Regional Association of choirs in Valle D'Aosta).

► Aosta, 17-24 July 2022
→ application by 15th April 2022 

The seminar

  • The seminar is addressed to composers and choir conductors with experience in writing and composition.
  • It is possible to register as an active participant or as listener. The course is open to a maximum number of 30 active participants (10 for each workshop).
  • The lecturers will select the participants based on: curriculum with qualifications and experiences highlighted, two choral compositions that will have to be attached at the application form.
  • The week will consist in individual and group lessons for a total of approximately 7 hours per day starting from Monday.
  • For the entire duration of the seminar, the active participants will have at their disposal a pilot choir, conducted by the lecturers of the workshops that will have the task to perform the compositions in progress.
  • The seminar will end on Saturday 23 July with an evening concert at Teatro Splendor (Aosta, Via B. Festaz 82) performing some of pieces composed during the week and selected by the lecturers.
  • The working language will be english.
  • The lessons will be held in Aosta at the Fondazione Maria Ida Viglino (Aosta, Via S. Giocondo 8) and at the Convitto Regionale Federico Chanod (Aosta, Via Cretier 2).
  • The arrival of the participants is expected on the afternoon of Sunday 17 July (there are no lessons but an opening concert is scheduled in the evening). The departure on the morning of Sunday 24 July.

Contents and aims

The course proposes the following aims:

  • writing new choral pieces for different choirs;
  • working in very close contact with professional and expert lecturers, in order to gain specific techniques and methodologies;
  • learn and develop the expressive potentials of the "choir" as musical instrument;;
  • research and acquire a personal style also through recent languages and new techniques of choral composition;
  • know the relationship between writing and performance by addressing the composition according to the real possibilities of a non-professional choir of good level;
  • create a network of contacts between young composers, to be used as a vehicle and as a comparison of their work.
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