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Choraliter, latin adverb if read together, which specifies the choral character of the Association, not only in the sense of an association of choirs, but also understood to melt together the different experiences and skills, characteristic of the association.

Read in its two semantic components, also graphically highlighted in the headboard, Choraliter, or journey of the choir, underlines the research character driven by the passion that choral activity must have and to which Feniarco and the Choral Regional Associations must serve.

The periodicity of the magazine imposes a cut more directed to the debate and the discussion than to the news, while respecting the necessary information on the internal activities of Feniarco and the Regional Choral Associations.

A specific topic is treated from time to time and contributes to forming the magazine's dossier, in which the voices of Italian chorality, more or less known, open the debate and offer food for thought.

Started in 1999, it has now reached over 50 exits.


Subscribe to Choraliter and you will get a complimentary ITALIACORI.IT, a magazine dedicated to the choral events and initiatives of the association.

Annual subscription 25 euros / 5 season tickets 100 euros.

Choraliter on-line

The Federation magazine is also available in PDF format. Here below you'll find the links to download Choraliter directly from your device.
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