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Salerno Festival 2019

International choral festival - 10th edition
in collaboration with Associazione Regionale Cori Campani

3-7 july 2019


We are ready for the 10th edition of the Salerno Festival.
From 3rd to 7th July Salerno and the welcoming land of Naples and Amalfi Coast will host the choirs participating to the festival, an event that has been renewed since 2010 and which has seen over the years a presence of over 300 choirs and 11.000 participants from all the italians regions and from abroad.
Five days of music, art, culture and sunshine!  Many events also scheduled for 2019 with concerts in Salerno and other beautiful cities of Campania, the Amalfi Coast and beyond.
Italian and foreign choirs of any type are invited to participate (vocalensembles, chidren, school, young, male, female and mixed choirs) and with different repertoire proposals, from sacred music to profane, from popular music to pop arrangements. As usual there will be some guest choirs, new locations and surprises to enjoy all together. In addition to the concerts, we will have some workshops on specific repertoires and conductors.
This year the festival will be held in conjunction with the 30th edition of the Universiadi which will be based in Naples and will involve the whole Region of Campania. We are ready for our choral marathon! 

Salerno Festival: music, art and culture.
A concentrate of enjoyment with the right ingredients for a choral experience to remember

When and how

The arrival of the choirs is scheduled on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 3rd, opening day of the festival. A shorter participation is possible with arrival on Thursday 4th July or Friday 5th July. At the Festival every type of choir can apply. Along with the singers will also welcome any companions and family members. To take part in the Salerno Festival, the choirs have to complete the application form by February 28, 2019. Applications received after that date will be accepted at the discretion of the organization, based on the availability of the seats and with a view to guaranteeing the best performance of the event.

Concerts, holy masses and workshop

The choirs that sign up for the festival have the opportunity to perform together with other choirs on several occasions. Each performance must have a stylistically homogeneous and coherent repertoire chosen from:

- sacred or religious music
- profane polyphony 
- popular and folk music
- opera music
- spiritual and gospel
- vocal pop music 

Furthermore, for 2019, we invite the choirs to propose "project" programmes on the following topics:

- Leonardo 500th annniversary: the flight; the face; the visionary
- Journey through the sea

- The discovery of the moon: 1969-2019
- 30 years after Berlin Wall's fall
- A hymn to the sport: choral music for the XXX Summer Universiade (Naples 2019)

Each choir can propose two different programmes of 20 minutes each (to a maximum of 6 songs). The programmes can be performed multiple times. The calendar of performances will be established on the basis of the repertoire presented and of the choir's composition, with the aim of adapting the music proposals to the places hosting the concerts.

► Concerts in Salerno
They are programmed during the several days of the festival and take place indoor in the city of Salerno (churches, museums, concert halls).

► Concerts in the region
They are scheduled during the days of the festival (depending on the members and the terms of participation) and take place indoor or outdoor in the late afternoon and evening in the different cities of the territory as for example Naples, Amalfi, Ravello and others.

► Special events
They are outdoor concerts held during particular moments of the day: aperitif hours, late evenign or night in the city of Salerno (Santa Teresa Beach, squares of the Old Town, Castello di Arechi).
During the festival there will also be a special project, a training course organised by the Regional Choirs Association (ARCC) that will involve its members to culminate with a performance that will celebrate the festival's tenth anniversary.

► Holy Masses
The choirs who wish it, are invited to accompany a liturgy on the morning of Sunday 7th July in a church in Salerno or in some nearby towns, performing sacred or religious songs.

► Workshops
In addition to the concerts, at the festival two workshops are scheduled for the participants on specific repertoires and with high-profile lecturers. Participation is free subject to availability. The first workshop, conducted by Fabio De Angelis, will be held in the afternoon of Thursday 4th July and will focus on choral arrangements of Fabrizio De Andrè songs (an italian songwriter). The second, scheduled for the morning of Saturday 6 July, will focus on Medieval and Renaissance music under the guidance of Vladimiro Vagnetti.

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The cathedral of Salerno

Villa Rufolo in Ravello

A view of Neaples

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