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Fosco Corti Study tour 

A guided and complete tour to follow the competition from the front row.

→ Applications deadline 30 September 2022 
Application form

Also for the second edition of the F. Corti International Choir Conductors Competition, we would like to offer the possibility to participate to the event from a different point of view and with the valuable guidance of an experienced teacher-conductor. This educational programme, already in use in important national and international events, is intended for choir conductors and students of choral conducting in a training and in-depth study path that allows them to analyse a plurality of situations, experiences, repertoires, in a context of high international profile

It will be possible to follow all the competition rounds (preliminary round, semi-final and final) with reserved access and a guaranteed seat inside the G. Verdi Conservatory of Turin, the competition venue. 

There will also be specific moments of discussions and analysis, outside the competition hours, led by the Study Tour leader Enrico Correggia. An opportunity, therefore, not only to listen but also to deepen and share aimed at personal and professional growth. 

According to the order of registration a maximum of 20 participants will be admitted. Applications deadline: 30th September 2022.

The application fee is € 50 for indirect ECA/EC members and € 70 for non-members and includes the complete scores in PDF, "sample" mode.


Friday 21st October 2022

  8.30 Study Tour preliminary meeting
  9:30 n. 6 candidates
11:00 n. 6 candidates
12.30 n. 6 candidates
15.00 Study Tour meeting
16:00 n. 6 candidates
17:00 n. 6 candidates
18:30 n. 6 candidates
following Study Tour meeting
20:00 announcement of the candidates admitted to the semi-final

Saturday 22nd October 2022

  9:15 Study Tour meeting
10:00 n. 4 candidates
11:15 n. 4 candidates
12:30 n. 2 candidates
15:00 Study Tour meeting
16:00 n. 4 candidates
17:15 n. 4 candidates
18:30 n. 2 candidates
following Study Tour meeting
19:45 announcement of the candidates admitted to the final

Sunday 23rd October 2022

10:00 extraction of the execution's order
10:05 n. 3 candidates
12:00 n. 2 candidates
15:30 Study Tour meeting
17:00 final and concert
following Study Tour meeting
19:00 winners' announcement and awards

Enrico Correggia

Enrico Correggia is a versatile musician: he studied trumpet, composition and archaeology in Sardinia, graduating in choral conducting at the F.A. Bonporti conservatoire in Trento. He has always been particularly interested to the study and enhancement of sacred music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance and has a very intense concert activity as a conductor and singer.
He has been part of Feniarco's National Youth Choir for eight years and, for his deep bass voice, is in demand in several professional ensembles in Italy (Odhecaton, Anonima Frottolisti and Ars Cantica in particular) and abroad (Sistine Chapel Choir, Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir). Founder and conductor of a few specialized ensembles, including the Allegri Penitenti, he has been conducting for three years the Sardinian Youth Choir together with Claudia Dolce.
He is also widely appreciated as a scholar and a lecturer: besides the musical activity, he works as a history communicator and teacher in seminars on performance practice. For three years he was an announcer of the Festival MITO Settembremusica, mainly working in Milan. He is a regular contributor to Feniarco's magazine Choraliter, where he writes a column about choral music history (#Criptobiblioteca). In 2020 he published his own critical edition of Tomás Luis De Victoria’s Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae.  

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