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A new web-site for Feniarco

Stay Tuned is an APS project that aimed to make the Feniarco network a new, innovative and stimulating reference point for the national chorus, as well as providing the regional Associations managers with all the useful tools for promotion and for the self-financing of their initiatives, demonstrating the validity and social value of choral activities.

After a phase of study, a careful evaluation, a selection among the different offers received, a concrete planning based on the original project, here we are finally on line. Converting a database used for 10 years, changing data entry methods, revisiting the layout of the websites of the entire Italian choral system has been a great adventure. Long, intense and complex but certainly exciting.

We present it to the public today, hoping it will be appreciated and available for comparisons and suggestions.

Websites of the Regional Choral Associations 

In collaboration with Feniarco, also the sites of the Regional Choral Associations have been reviewed in a unitary and integrated way, with specific functions, as that of the National Federation. The creation of dialoguing structures at different levels (national, regional and, in some cases, provincial) required a very detailed and particularly complex study that has seen the collaboration of expert consultants such as Alessandro Pisano and a very collaborative software house such as Enbilab Srl of Udine and in particular Alessandro Fregonese.

The database with all the chorus data, appointments, publications and information of the Italian choral system, are now available on and closely linked to the main site (you can access it from "associated choirs" pages). All the choirs have been assigned a specific web address and will therefore be linkable directly from any external site. This procedure allowed the choirs to have a sort of minisite with a lot of information and a more effective reachability.

Very soon we will send the information to the choirs for the correct use of their personal page. The initial start-up phase takes some time and therefore we ask for patience and collaboration. 

#staytuned #feniarco 

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